Payroll Materials

Information about payroll processing, and how outsourcing payroll may help increase efficiency and accuracy.

7 Questions Every Small Business Employer Will Need to Answer

With the answers to the seven questions in this e-book from Paychex, small business employers can get back to focusing on why they went into business in the first place.

Employment Taxes for Employers and Self-Employed Individuals

Employment taxes include income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes, and the federal unemployment tax (FUTA). Self-employed individuals are responsible for paying a tax similar to Social Security and Medicare.

Why Combining Payroll Processing and 401(k) Administration Makes Sense

Learn how a fully integrated payroll processing and 401(k) administration solution can greatly reduce manual processing associated with 401(k) plans.

When Small Businesses Outsource Payroll

Find out how outsourcing payroll can provide a number of hidden advantages to a small business.

The Business Case for a Time and Labor Management Solution

Discover the strategic advantages of an automated time and labor management system for businesses and employees.