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Giving and receiving good customer service – the small business way

Although entrepreneurs have high standards in terms of the enterprises with which they do business, they can sometimes drop the ball when it comes to delivering high-quality customer service themselves.

4 tips for aspiring women business owners

Dana Loberg, CEO and co-founder of social network and movie marketing platform MovieLaLa, recently offered four tips for aspiring women business owners.

How to use the small business edge to your advantage

In an age when a consumer can walk into a big-box brick-and-mortar establishment that stocks whatever he or she needs all in one place or make a purchase by simply clicking a few computer keys or pressing a couple of smartphone buttons, how can SMBs hope to compete?

Put a modern twist on small business customer loyalty

Entrepreneurs understand that existing customers are more valuable to their companies than new ones, but they’re still struggling to implement small business marketing tactics that spur loyalty and keep consumers coming back for more.

How can small businesses use mobile technology to their advantage?

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has had a transformative effect on companies across industries.