Small business owners ready to invest, extreme stress down

March 22, 2013 in

Surveys suggest small business confidence is on the rise.

In a recent report from Brother, a leading home and office supplier, small business owners are ready to put more money into their companies. Of the leaders surveyed, 52 percent plan on investing more capital in attempt to drive up their small business sales.

Of those, 51 percent put investments in new technology above all else. Purchases related to machinery and facilities were planned by 21 and 20 percent of owners, respectively.

Also, stress regarding the outlook of their enterprises fell among entrepreneurs. In 2012, 24 percent reported experiencing “extreme stress.” This year, only 13 percent said stress levels were at such a level. 

“While running a small business is still tough in this slow economic recovery, I’m seeing that small business owners are more optimistic about the future,” said Gene Marks, a small business owner the report cited as an expert.

These numbers are in line with the outlook a joint survey by The Wall Street Journal and business resource Vistage conducted in February. The study’s confidence index hit an all-time high of 101.4 which was up from January’s mark of 94.2

As the outlook improves for small business finance, it seems that entrepreneurs are willing to invest more capital into their operations, which should bode well for the economy.

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