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Business Money Today


I use to run a business incubator as part of my city’s economic development initiative. One of the hardest aspects we had at the incubator was helping companies get the money (business loans) they needed to start, grow and succeed. Most business owners – especially new ones – think that their bank is their only… Read the full article.

Merchant Solutions Group

New York, New York

Merchant Solutions Group provides financing options to business owners when banks are unwilling or unable to help. Many business owners are scared of cash advances, and much of what they believe is not the way that our business works. With the state of the economy now, it is incredibly difficult for small-to-mid-sized businesses without perfect… Read the full article.

Little Green Beans, LLC.

Austin, Texas

Little Green Beans is a children’s re-sale store on a mission to be fully integrated into the Austin community both supporting local families with young children and recycling.

Vistra Communications

Tampa, Florida

Vistra Communications has served the community since its founding in 2007. The Laundry Love Project is one example of Vistra’s positive influence in the lives of others.

Leap of Faith Clothing

Charlotte, North Carolina

My name is Carly and I am the owner of Leap of Faith Clothing. I am what you could call a “Pre-Momprenuer”! While I am not yet a mother I left my corporate job to take the “Leap of Faith” and become an entrepreneur.