Payroll Tools

Use our services to help manage your payroll via smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, and help you track employee time.

Outsource Payroll Processing

Paychex frees you from dealing with payroll processing and the IRS and state taxing authorities. Benefit from our national payroll experience, backed by a local team of payroll professionals dedicated to your business.

Online Payroll and Benefits From Your PC, Tablet, or Smartphone

Login and access a full suite of payroll and benefits services from your PC or Mac, turn your tablet into a powerful management tool, and go mobile from your smartphone to increase productivity.

Paychex Online Payroll Demo

Submit and calculate your payroll anytime and access a variety of valuable reports, useful resources, and management solutions.

Paychex Online Reports Highlights

Accessing payroll reports online can reduce your delivery costs and eliminate the storage issues common to paper reports.

Paychex Time and Labor Online Demo

Automate your time and attendance processes to help save time, increase accuracy, and simplify compliance.