Women entrepreneurs finding strength in numbers

December 29, 2014 in

Women entrepreneurs have certainly endured much hardship, but it seems as though the number of female business women growing is from the encouragement and support systems they have been utilizing.

The number of women entrepreneurs has been growing in recent years, thanks in part to the encouragement of peers and the support systems they have been utilizing.

What women entrepreneurs have been doing
A reported by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor said in 2012, 126 million women are started or ran businesses and 98 million were operating businesses for at least three and a half years. According to The Harvard Business Review, this has been on a huge increase since 2009, in which women entrepreneurs jumped from approximately 250 mentions in The Global Press to over 1,100 in 2012.

Entrepreneur highlighted Helen Anderson, founder of Milkies and inventor of products for nursing mothers, who distributes her products to more than 35 countries. She didn’t think her invention would be that influential, as she was only trying to solve the problem of collecting nursing milk for her infant son. However, she used support systems to establish her product and help other mothers that were looking for such a product, just like she had been.

Support systems for women
The source listed resources that women inventors have been using to make their products available to the public, such as savings grants, pro bono patent programs and crowdfunding platforms. Pro bono legal programs help women find financial resources that can suit them and also educate them on patent processes. Crowdfunding platforms have been a new resource for people with big ideas – however, The Fund Dreamer is one that the source pointed out as a crowdfunding website with a focus on women. They can use it to fund a product, business idea, event or personal cause, and the site only charges a 1 percent fee to use its service.

According to CBS News, women have also been using a new concept called “Power Circles,” which encourages business women to network with other female peers. Women sign up for a power circle on Emerging Women’s website and meet once a month for six months and exchange business ideas for women.

“I feel like I have never been so inspired and felt so supported as I do when I’m in a community of women,” Chantal Pierrat, creator of Emerging Women, told CBS News. “I think that especially when I’ve been in transition – career transition or giving birth – just choose any life event, I find I lean on my sisterhood sometimes more than my husband, and that’s where I get great perspective and empathy and that feeling of being held.”

With women business owners becoming a huge part of the business world, more ways to become successful are emerging along with their prosperity. Support systems for women are available now more than ever.

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